DIY Mini Banner


Mini banners are the cutest and one of the easiest DIY projects ever! Simply paint on a fun message/bold pattern and display by hanging with a thumbtack.  Add some tiny whimsy to your home or office!

We got fancy and made ours doublesided- two signs in one, ya’ll!




  • Lightly sand any rough edges on the wood pendant if necessary and clean off any dust. Then, you are ready to paint!
  • Paint on a full coverage base coat and let dry. We recommend using a 2” foam brush to apply your basecoat because this will create a smooth finish to paint your text and designs over. We chose to paint a different color basecoat on each side of the pendant to create two different looks.
  • Lightly pencil on your text outline.
  • Using a fine point artist brush, fill in or go over your pencil outlines to paint on your text. We chose a cursive ‘hello’ for one side, and a boxy ‘yay’ for the other. Short and sweet text works best, cuz these pendants really are tiny!
  • Next, try adding some flair to the background. We created a colorful confetti look on the ‘yay’ side by simple swiping on small brush strokes using multiple colors. For the ‘hello’ side, we created a triangle pattern using a pencil eraser as a stamp. To create a pencil eraser stamp, draw on your simple shape to an unused eraser tip and cut away the negative space with an exacto knife leaving only your shape. (see picture below)  Then lightly dip in paint and stamp away!eraserstamp


  • Once your designs are completed and dry—display by hanging with a thumbtack and enjoy your adorable little creation!







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