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Countertop Paint

Giani Inc. started up seven years ago, launching a paint containing flecks of real stainless steel. The smart (natural) move was to then package this product within a specialized kit for making over household appliances, thus old appliances could easily and affordably look like trendy stainless steel. Giani Inc. then asked, “Why stop there?”

Within a year, Giani Inc. launched the first countertop paint kit that replicates any stone on the market. Today you can’t type “DIY Kitchen” online without seeing these handy paint kits freckle the screen. With countertops and appliances checked off the list, Giani Inc. has continued to push forward with Cabinet makeover kits, and a new line of matte furniture “antiquing” paint called Chalkworthy™.

The name Chalkworthy™ has two references. One being its chalkish low sheen appeal that is comparable to milk paints, and the second “worthy” part of this title, was chosen because these paints can be used to “add worth or rescue” items you already own. The company plans to add this “upcycling and re-loving” attitude throughout all of their paint kit lines.Paint we love blog post

Giani™ strives to redefine paint. Where it can be sold, where it can be applied, and who can use it. By offering a low price tag with high-end results, Giani™ has empowered the average U.S. and Canadian non-painter to paint without intimidation. …And by paint, this means full room re-designs: everything from an old rug to your stove.


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