Distressing a crate with a “chippy” look!

Distressing a Crate with Vaseline and Paint!

Well, hey there friends, like-minded DIY fanatics, and curious cats!

Our first post …(drum roll) will feature Chalkworthy™ Antiquing Paint! Which easily covers just about everything. Yes, even your couch, but that post is not ready yet so stay tuned!

Today we will show you how to makeover a crate with a multi-color, distressed, “chippy” look!

Crates provide easy storage, shelving, and decor options as well as great test surfaces. Ami and I are going to experiment with creating a “chippy” look which will expose under layers of paint.

First: Apply a couple of base coats over your wood surface. It is a good idea to pick colors that compliment each other and offer a nice contrast to final top coat/color. For example: a deep red and dark gray look nice together and will also be dark enough to contrast a bright final color like a soft bright gray or Cottage Antiquing Paint. Wait until these coats are dry to the touch between applications as you are not trying to blend, just layer.  Apply as many under colors as you want. Later you can sand the edges and random areas down exposing all of your sub coats creating a “multi-tone chippy” look.

Secondly: Once you are finished applying all of the under colors or coats, and they all dry to the touch, you are ready to apply petroleum jelly. Grab a paper towel or an old cloth and smear the Vaseline or petroleum jelly directly and randomly over your project’s surface or wherever you want the most cracking and distressing to appear. swiponvaseline

So, wipe the jelly directly over your painted crate or wood surface in the areas you would like for your final layer of paint to “chip” off exposing the under layers.

Thirdly: Add your final color and coat of paint, brushing the paint directly over the Vaseline jelly. paintovervaselineWhile your final coat is still wet, use a hair dryer to directly blow heat on your wet painted surface. The areas that get warmth and have Vaseline underneath will begin to crack. – It is pretty fun to watch! Once your entire project, in our case the crate, is dry and no more cracks are forming from the hair dryer, you can use about any tool you want to jab or chip off areas of the cracked paint. It should come right off as the Vaseline kept the paint from sticking or soaking in.

Fourthly: If you feel your cracks and distressing need more pop or contrast, try wiping a tinted wax over your surface. Find the tinted wax instructions under: Why is the soft wax important… Use a clear wax to seal your final project!

What do you think?? We enjoyed how quickly you can achieve this look as we are guilty of the age of instant gratification and I bet you are too!




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